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Life often puts us through a variety of testing situations and in the process of living through them, we deal with change, loss, absence, societal perceptions, and ultimately destiny itself. As individuals, we perceive, react, and face these situations in our own ways. Some of us cope readily, some reluctantly, while some of us find it hard to come to terms with what we are going through. “Ways Around Grief & Other Stories” is a collection of twelve stories about people dealing with what their lives have to offer. These are tales of people facing situations that challenge their notions, situations that bring about a change in their lives, situations that put them face to face with mistakes from their past, or situations that push them to confront haunting memories. Eventually, they deal with these in their own, individual ways. Family/friends is a strongly recurring backdrop in this collection.

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The most interesting way to understand the whole is by exploring the little fragments that make up the whole. Fragments Of The Whole, a flash fiction collection, is a step in this direction. By combining flash fiction writing with some interesting themes and backdrops, the stories featured here attempt to explore the fabric of human life through various characters, their lives, and experiences. With themes as varied as food, rains, emotions, conversations, inspiration, love, music, and relationships, there’s a little something for everyone to savour, ponder, and relish. So get going and put together the puzzle called life. Here’s a book that’s going to give you the pieces!

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