Reader Feedback

These are some thoughtful words that readers had shared as comments on my earlier blog “The Storyteller’s Hut” on various stories. I have put together some of the most thoughtful ones along with a few I had received on my write-ups in Spark as well.

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Beautiful, Anu. Your stories always leave me with a very clean, good feeling inside. Please write more often. – Suchi

Really nice story. Extremely simple. I guess some of us have such experiences and so it is extremely easy for us to relate to such a story. Guess that is the most important thing. Making sure your story can be related to by the readers. -tee1

Your narration skills are amazing! I am able to relate to a lot of your stories. Keep up your great work. -Ankita

This was one of the most amazing short stories I’ve read. You write wonderfully well. It seemed straight out of a Malgudi Days novel. I can’t exclaim how beautifully you’ve written and how much I liked it. I loved the detailing and really I was moved. You’ve brilliant talent. – Nivedita on “Jasmine Memories”

An absolutely brilliant post with an ending that has a brilliance equal to that of Saki’s! Loved the poignant simplicity and pain that threaded through the story! – Sandhya on “Meenakshi”

“I marvel at your comfort with the language as evidenced in the ease with which words flow – smooth, sharp but not hard. Soft and sensitive. You’re one Indian writer in English I would like to read!” – Hemant on “Meenakshi”

Every single first person narrative of yours always brims with this I-dont-know-what that makes it seem straight from the protagonist’s pen. Wonderful! – Bijesh

Your ability to convey a diminutive matter with such a beautiful expression is worth a huge applause. -Sethuraman

How much more poetic can you get? I wish I could write as beautifully as you. -Harish

Quite captivating – your choice of subjects for your posts, Anu! You write different types of stories, poems, reports you name it, with great ease and comfort. And each has a different beauty and vibration to it! A great blog to come to.-Parvati

I opened this comment window and wondered what to write. Whatever I thought of writing seemed so incomplete and failing-to-express-my-truest-emotions! I guess I will leave it at this. Please keep writing! -Aditya

Beautiful verse. I can’t pick one favourite line. I love them all! -Kumari

Really powerful. I loved the confessional diary interjections. Lovely way of story telling! -Smitha

If images and words can combine into a work of art, then your blog seems to be canvas on which it takes shape. Absolutely brilliant, Anu! -Vijay

This is so beautifully written. The tiniest details and the most subtle emotions have been captured and rendered with a lot of warmth and wisdom. – Vishal Anand on “Transfer”

I am overwhelmed by the beauty of this piece. The very idea of writing it, drawing inspiration from a great song of love while it is played, is something that is truly imaginative. Probing the mind of Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu requires a lot of literary courage and this can been seen in abundance here. Hats off to Anupama Krishnakumar! – Subbaram Danda on “Musing over a song and love”